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Starters & Entrees

Samosa (2 pcs) - $6.50
Samosa Chat - $7.99

samosa mixed with yoghurt, onions, coriander and authentic spices, dressing with mint and carmine sauce

Chilli Chips - $7.99

fried potato chips mixed with capsicum, onion, tomato dressing with chef's special sauce

Mixed Pakora / Onion Bhaji - $6.50

slices of onion and potato spiced coated with chick pea flour batter, deep fried to a golden colour

Bara (2 pcs) - $8.99

traditional newari dish from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, thick lentil pancake made with lentils, garlic, ginger and spices, served with a Nepali dip

Chicken Momo / Veg Momo (6 pcs) - $8.99

the most famous steamed dish of Nepal; home made dumpling stuffed with minced chicken or vegetable and fresh onion, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander. served with special home made chutney

Sekuwa - $8.99

tender pieces of lamb marinated in roasted cumin and cumin and coriander seeds enriched with lemon juice and a hint of Szechuan and chilli powder served with fresh salad

Bhaktapur Chuwela - $8.99

traditional newari style spicy meat salad (chicken breast) with green chilly, Onion, garlic, ginger, lime and special newari spices

Lamb Cutlets (3 pcs) - $12.50

marinated in special Nepalese herbs and spices. served with salsa

Tikka - Half $9.00 - Full $16.00

tender boneless cubes of chicken marinated in a mixture of paprika yoghurt and smoked/ roasted in tandoor

Gorkhali Tandoori Chicken - Half $9.00 - Full $16.00

a boned leg of chicken and breast, marinated overnight in yoghurt curry sauce and cooked in a charcoal oven, served with Nepali style mint sauce and salad

Garlic Prawn (Chef Special) - $12.50
Gorkhali Mix Entree for 2 - $16.90

combination of samosa, tikka and momocha


Madras - $15.00

a traditional South Indian dish prepared with a combination of ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes & coconut with fresh herbs & spices

Vindaloo - $15.00

a traditional dish from the state of goa with a slight tangy taste(spicy), the vindaloo sauce or gravy is made by our very own Nepalese chef. Taste the vindaloo......Nepalese way......

Korma - $15.00

favourite royal Nepalese dish cooked in exotic spices in a nutty cream sauce

Saag - $15.00

freshly grind spinach, flavored with unique blend of magical fresh spices

Balti - $15.00

balti dishes are prepared in an iron wok, cooked with peppers & tomatoes in a special tangy balti sauce

Kashmir - $15.00

a traditional dish prepared with combination of tomato, onion, cardamom and a hint of cloves, chef special - a must try


Daal Chicken (Chef Special) - $17.00

A chef's favourite 

Makhni Chicken (Butter Chicken) - $17.00

delicacy of barbecued chicken, cooked in butter, fresh tomatoes and crushed cashew nuts

Mango Chicken - $17.00

chicken breast fillets cooked in a delicious mango sauce - kids favourite

Piro Kukhura (Chilli Chicken) - $17.00

lightly battered chicken fillet cubes pan-fried with onion, banana chilly, capsicum, and seasonal vegetables flavoured with soy sauce and vinegar and garnished with fresh spring onion

Chicken Tikka Masala - $17.00

tandoori roasted chicken cubes stir fried with capsicum, onion, tomatoes and fresh coriander cooked with special handpicked herbs and spices

Chicken Curry (Pahadi Kukura) - $17.00

boneless chicken pieces cooked in traditional home style, with a combination of ginger, garlic, tomato with a touch of exotic Nepalese herbs and spices

Methi Chicken - $17.00

spicy chicken curry cooked with fenugreek leaves - Nepalese style

Kathmandu Malai Chicken (Mild) - $18.00

boneless chicken cubes cooked in traditional home style mixed with dry fruits sauce and dressed with cream


Khasi Ko Masu (Goat Curry) - $17.50

traditionally spiced Nepali style goat curry with bone enriched with the flavors of fenugreek, cinnamon, tomatoes, coriander, bay leaves and mustard oil

Gorkha Lamb Curry - $18.50

special dish by our very own Nepalese chef - chef special dish

Lamb Roghanjosh - $17.50

a popular preparation of tender lamb cubes cooked with ginger, coriander, tomatoes and chillies

Gorkha Palace Goat Masala - $17.50

traditional goat curry with bone mixed with authentic herbs enriches with flavor capsicum, onion, tomato dressed with coriander and spring onion


Beef Mushroom Masala - $17.50

sautéed mushroom cooked with beef in exotic herbs and spices in a traditional Nepalese way

Beef Narwal - $17.50

a delicious hot curry prepared with coconut milk in a unique blend of Nepalese herbs and spices

Himali Beef - $17.50

beef pieces cooked with potatoes, green chilies, desiccated coconut with a finishing of fresh Nepalese spices


Gorkha Palace Fish Curry - $18.00

aromatic barramundi fish with onion, tomatoes and mustard oil infused with the flavours of green chilli, ginger garlic, fresh coriander and touch of lemon

Piro Jhing / Chilli Prawn - $18.00

marinated prawns stir fried with capsicum, onion, tomatoes and fresh coriander cooked with special handpicked herbs and spices

Prawn Malabar - $18.00

peeled prawns stir fried cooked in coconut cream, aniseed, lemon juice garnished with coconut

Gorkha Palace Prawn Masala - $18.00

cube stir fried with capsicum, mushroom, onion, tomatoes and fresh coriander with special handpicked herbs and spices

Goan Fish Curry - $18.00

aromatic fish curry mixed with chef's special coconut sauce and mustard seeds, dressed with crust coconut

Gorkha Palace Sea Food Masala - $18.00

kathmandu sea food masala is a mixer of barramundi fish and kings prawn served by chef's special sauce


Vegetable Korma - $15.00

fresh mixed vegetables cooked in creamy gravy of cashew nuts almonds

Paneer Tikka Masala - $15.00

fresh homemade cottage cheese so sorted with fresh onion, capsicum with Nepalese herbs and species

Potato Cumin - $11.00

deep fried potato served with fresh cumin, tomato and coriander

Egg Plant with Potato (Chef Special) - $15.00
Aloo Gobi - $15.00

a dry preparation of cauliflower & potato cooked with chopped onion, tomato and fresh ground spices, garnished with coriander

Palak Paneer - $15.00

fresh spinach & homemade cottage cheese sauteed with garlic, Nepalese herbs and spices

Mixed Vegetable - $15.00

mixed cooked vegetables - potato, cauliflower, capsicum, beans, carrot, broccoli, onion & tomato

Himali Daal - Chef Special - $13.00

boiled yellow lentil seasoned with onion, tomato cumin seeds, garlic ginger & jimbu, garnished with green coriander - a perfect dish to go with breads


Basmati Rice - $2.00
Lemon Rice - $3.50
Jeera Rice - $3.50

rice fried with butter and cumin seeds

Himali Fried Rice - $8.00

rice fried with eggs, green peas carrot, cabbage, nuts and fresh vegetables, a delicious discovery

Biryani - $15.00

cooked with choice of meat or vegetables served with a very special biryani sauce & spicy


Plain Naan - $3.00

flat leavened bread baked on walls of clay oven

Garlic Naan/ Roti - $3.50
Cheese Naan or Aloo Paratha or Lachha Paratha - $4.00


Cheese Garlic Naan - $4.50
Nepali Masala Naan - $4.50
Pesswari Naan (Sweet Naan) - $4.50


Sweet Mango Chutney/ Mixed Pickle/ Raita/ Tomato & Onion - $3.00
Side Dish Platter - $6.50

combined of raita, tomato onion, mango chutney


Soft Drinks - 1.25 L $5.50
Lassi - $4.50

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